The Manufacturing Process of Welded Wire Mesh

2019-02-13Tags:Manufacturing Process,welding,galvanizing,pvc coating,Posted By zhaozhao

Manufacturing Process of Welded Wire Mesh

Welding: Utilizing state of the art computer controlled welding equipment to guarantee consistent quality. The wire spacing capabilities are infinitely adjustable and our advanced welders allow us to respond quicker to customer requirements and deliver quality welded wire mesh when our customers need it.


Galvanizing: Steellong wire mesh is manufactured using an incomparable galvanized after welding (GAW) process that eliminates weak points in the galvanized coating and creates a stronger weld. Using a 99.6 % pure zinc galvanizing process, the weld is completely protected from the abusive environment.


Coating: By combining durable PVC with a breakthrough coating process, Steellong wire mesh delivers a protective PVC layer that can handle rough treatment without stripping or peeling. This advanced coating is fusion bonded to create longer lasting wire mesh with better protection. The result is longer life and better protection for your traps and cages.

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