The Features Of Chemistry Etching Products

2019-02-13Tags:The Features Of Chemistry Etching Products,Posted By zhaozhao

The Features Of Chemistry Etching Products

  • Entire piece etching sieving plates is made of a piece of flat plate,long usage

    life,compared with the weaved mesh,it is durable dozens times
  • Photo chemistry etching can process nimbly,the usage range is broad.Passed hole sieving

    plate can produce straight hole,cone shaped hole,stair hole etc different hole.
  • Non passed hole buckle plate can process:trench board,rough kneading board

    (friction sheet),pot hole board,decorative pattern spot,machine kneading board,

    metal label,bulletin sign etc.
  • The superiority of the chemistry etching processing is that produce on the thin plate

    pore,below 1.0,below 0.5,above 0.1,is familiar and easy,successful.In recent years,the

    production practice also doesn't lack the thick plate(0.5-2.0),big hole(above1.0)

    customers,their pursues is this kind of up-scale product effect.
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