The Application of the Wedge wire screen for Pulping and paper making industry

2018-03-09Tags:wedge wire screen,Posted By summer

The Pulping and paper making screen include: outward flow pressure drum screen, painting drum screen, Pressure drum screen, self cleaning filter, siever bend screen, hydraulic wedge wire screen, Wire-wrapped screen tube and so on. UBO Filter Equipment Company developed the pulping and paper making production line, it could meet all the requirement of the paper mill.

UBO filter Equipment usually used for water purification, clearance, dehydration, pulp screening and classification, holding back the fiber, drying, solid-liquid separation in the paper making and pulping industry.

Except the pulping and paper making production line, UBO Filter Equipment could supply many other filter and solid-liquid screen.Include the water inlet screen, waste water treatment equipment, and so on.

There are many shapes, size, material could be chose, we will help you choose the best wedge wire and support rod according to your application, and we’ll help you produce the best screen and help you get the best sieving and filtering effectiveness.

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