Standard Specification for PVC Coated Chain Link Fence

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A. BASE METAL: The base metal of the fabric shall be a good commercial quality of steel wire of the gauge specified.


B. COATING: The zinc coating of the fabric shall be minimum .30 oz./sq. ft. of uncoated wire surface. The weight of zinc coating on the fabric shall be determined in accordance with ASTM A-90.


C. PVC: Wire shall be coated with a minimum of 7 mils of poly-vinyl chloride permanently bonded to the galvanized wire by the thermal fusion bonded method. Chain link fabric shall conform to the requirements of ASTM F-668, class 2b.



Unless otherwise indicated, fabric height shall be as shown on the drawings or as specified herein. Fence framework members are available using different shapes and sections. For reasons of strength and appearance, this specification requires the use of square sections. Alternate shapes may be considered if submitted for approval within ten days before bid date and are accompanied by strength calculations indicating equal or superior characteristics to those specified. Bending strength, zinc coating, appearance, and longevity must be equal to or greater than those of the products specified, in order to be considered as an acceptable alternate. All posts, rails and fittings shall be coated with 10 to 15 mils of PVC. Color to be selected by Owner/Architect from the manufacturers standard colors.


A. POSTS – INTERMEDIATE, shall be 1-½ " square tube steel weighing 2.49 lbs./lin ft for fences 5’ high or less. Intermediate posts for fences 6’ or higher shall be 2" square tube steel 3.07 lbs. / lin. ft. Weight of zinc shall be 2.0-oz./sq. ft. Posts shall be coated with 10 to 15 mils of PVC.


B. POSTS – TERMINAL (End, Corner and Pull), shall be 2-½" square tube steel weighing at least 3.98 pounds per lineal foot and shall have a 2.0 oz. /sq. ft. zinc coating minimum and shall have moisture proof post caps with acorn type design. Posts shall be coated with 10 to 15 mils of PVC.


C. POSTS – GATE: For swing gates shall be in accordance with the following schedule:




Post Size




Leaf width up to 8’-0"


2-1/2" Square


3.76 lbs./ft.


Leaf width 8'-1" to 12'-0"


3" Square


4.58 lbs./ft.


Leaf width 12'-1" to 16'-0"


4" Square


9.42 lbs./ft.


Leaf width 16'-1" to 24'-0"   


6" Square


19.02 lbs./ft.


Manufacturer's standard K-Brace must be installed on all gate leafs over 15’-8" wide (this requires the use of three hinges per leaf).


D. TOP RAIL: Top rail shall be 1-1/2" square tube steel galvanized weighing 1.60 pounds per lineal foot. Top rail to pass through line post cap and form a continuous brace between terminal posts. All rails shall be coated with 10 to 15 mils of PVC.


E. BRACE RAILS – Brace rail shall be 1-1/2" galvanized square tube steel weighing 1.6 pounds per lineal foot. Brace rails to be located at all terminal and gate posts and equipped with a 3/8" diameter truss rod and turnbuckle. Fences 12’ high or more shall have a continuous center brace rail.


F. TENSION WIRE – shall be 7-gauge coil spring wire located at top (in lieu of toprail, when specifically shown on drawings) and bottom of fabric, and shall be PVC coated to match the fabric. Top wire shall pass through the barb arm on the line post.


G. BARBED WIRE – (where required) shall be "HI-SECURITY" consisting of two strands of twisted wire, 12-1/2 gauge, with 4-point barbs of 14 gauge wire on 3" spacing. Barbed wire shall be galvanized and conform to ASTM A-121, chain link fence grade. Barbed wire supporting arms on line posts shall be at an angle of approximately 45 degrees or vertical, as required, and shall be of sufficient strength to withstand a 250 lb. Load applied at the outer strand.


H. FABRIC: Chain link fabric shall be PVC coated galvanized steel. PVC shall be applied by the thermal fusion bonded process in accordance with ASTM F-668, Class 2b. The steel core wire shall be 9 gauge, coated with .30 oz./sq.ft. of zinc and have a minimum breaking strength of 1290 pounds. Fabric shall be woven in a 2" mesh and both selvages shall be knuckled.


I. FABRIC LOCKS: To prevent easy removal and for other security reasons, fabric shall be attached to all line posts and horizontal rails with stainless steel "HI-SECURITY" locks shot into place with the appropriate gun and powder charge at intervals not exceeding 15" on the posts and 24" on the horizontal rails. These locks shall consist of the following:


1. Pin – AISI 1062 Modified or 1566 Carbon Steel, heat treated to a hardness of RC52-56 and a minimum tensile strength of 240,000 P.S.I. and shall be 1-1/4" long. Finish shall be a zinc Electro chromate plating of .003" minimum thickness, evaluated for corrosion resistance in accordance with Salt spray Test Specification ASTM B-117.


2. Cap – No 304 Stainless Steel with a diameter of 1-3/16" +/-


J. FITTINGS: All fence and gate fittings shall be galvanized malleable cast iron or pressed steel and shall be coated with 10 to 15 mils of PVC. Fabric shall be secured to all terminal posts with 5/16" Hook bolts, specifically designed for that purpose, painted to match the color of the posts and fabric. Fabric shall be secured to all top and/or bottom tension wires with 9 gauge vinyl coated aluminum hog rings.




A. GATES – SWING shall be of the swing type and fabricated from 2" square aluminum tubing with welded corners. Fabric shall be fastened to the frame on all four sides by means of "J" bolts and 5/16" tension rods as recommended by the manufacturer. All gate frames shall be coated with 10 to 15 mils of PVC and mounting hardware shall be painted to match the fence fabric and framework.




1. Gate:


a. Stop


b. Padlocking device – Through frame, Fulcrum latch


2. Fixed leaf of Pairs (in addition to above equipment):


a. Plunger bar or cane bolt


b. Plunger bar catch in concrete base


c. Hold-open stop in concrete base


3. Free Leaf of Pairs (in addition to above equipment):


a. Latch fork


4. Padlocks provided for under hardware


C. GATES – ROLLING shall be Anchor Fence Co., Inc.’s Duraglide II full cantilever type fabricated from 2" square aluminum. See Duraglide II Spec.



Fence shall be erected by skilled mechanics in accordance with the best practice of the trade and in accordance with the recommendations of the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers'’ Institute and ASTM F-567. Any damaged PVC or painted surface shall be touched up with vinyl paint recommended by the manufacturer.


Posts to be spaced 10’-0" on centers maximum, set in concrete having a minimum compressive strength of 2000 pounds P.S.I. at 28 days. Crown to shed water. Footing size to be in accordance with the following schedule:


Type of Post


Fabric Height


Hole Diameter At Top


Hole Depth


Post Embedment




3’ – 4’




















6’ – 16"










3’ – 5’










6’ – 16"








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