Stainless steel single head nozzle

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Stainless steel single head cap: it is the product of corrosion resistant material ABS engineering plastics and modification, the king has the advantages of corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, aging resistance, convenient replacement etc.. ABS water cap has single head, double head, mushroom, lamination, including screw lengthening specifications, and other models determined by the user. In order to meet the market demand, our company is a production of stainless steel wire of T type single head cap, double water cap, there is an imitation of the U.S. dual flow water cap, it is in order to meet the needs of customers to use the high-speed bed (anion exchanger) operation, the operating pressure than the conventional bed pressure, to ensure the normal operation of recommendations customers use stainless steel equipment, T type winding single head, double water cap, because the product pressure tolerance than ABS materials. ABS water cap, stainless steel water cap, products are widely used in electric power, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, environmental protection, papermaking, food, electroplating and other industries. Among them, the power industry, water operation equipment, mechanical filters, activated carbon filters, ion exchangers and so on should use ABS water cap or stainless steel water cap. Characteristics of the product: stainless steel single speed water cap is widely used in power plant equipment, petroleum, pharmaceutical, chemical, coal, metallurgy, environmental protection and other industries of replenishment water, condensation water and other industrial water treatment filter and matching

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