Replace the Speaker Grill With Metal Grills

2019-02-21Tags:Replace the Speaker Grill With Metal Grills,Posted By zhaozhao

Metal grills are slotted or perforated to allow airflow and sound passage.

You can replace a speaker grill with a stronger metal grill to provide increased protection for the speaker cone. Grills are often the only line between the soft plastic or paper material of the cone and the hard items that could easily puncture it.

Mesh screens keep out dust, but offer no guard against severe damage from a foot, elbow or flying object. Protect an investment in quality speakers by switching out soft grills for sturdier metal versions.

Disconnect the speaker from power and audio feed to avoid damage and electrical shock. Place the speaker on a stable surface in a well lit area.

Remove the original speaker grill and examine its connection to the speaker. Some grills are held in place by magnets, others are slid onto multiple mounting posts, attached with screws or held in place using hook and loop fasteners.

Measure the dimensions of the original grill, the speaker cone and entire front side of the speaker enclosure.

A metal grill can be purchased to fit onto the speaker in the same way as the original, or you can use the other measurements to find a replacement that covers the cone or the whole front of the speaker cabinet.

Mount the metal grill on the speaker. Use the original fasteners if possible. Small screws can be used to mount new metal grills into the speaker housing without causing damage or affecting the sound output.

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