Razor Wire Applications

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Razor Wire Applications

Razor Wire for Military Application
Razor Wire is the perfect barrier for military applications. Razor Wire can be stored in a compact condition ready for use. It is difficult to breach providing troops and equipment with high levels of security.

Razor Wire Perimeter Security
Razor Wire is one of the most effective ways of securing any size of perimeter. It is cost effective and extremely versatile and it can be installed in a variety of configurations and on virtually any terrain.

Razor Wire Mobile Securiry Barriers
The Razor Wire Mobile Security Barriers are the fastest most reliable portable security systems! Up to a thousand meters of pre-formed pyramid barriers may be deployed from a single trailer in a few minutes. The barrier is used effectively throughout the world to uphold control and provide security in numerous situations. The wire can be re-collected with little effort using the purpose designed mechanical collection system.

Razor Wire for Civilian Application
Razor Wire is the ideal fence to improve security at homes, schools, offices and factories. It can be used on its own or used to embellish a pre-standing wall or fence.

Razor Wire for Prison Application
Razor Wire is commonly used to secure prisons. It is almost impossible to breach Razor Wire without specialised equipment.

Razor Wire for Border security
Razor Wire can be used to secure extensive areas at a fraction of the cost of other systems. It can also be incorporated with monitoring or electric systems (see electrocoil) for extra security

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