Polyurethane Edging SS Slot Screen Panels

Polyurethane Edging SS Slot Screen Panels for Coal Washery, also known as slotted screening panels, dehydration screening panels, vibration modules, etc., are usually installed on all types of linear sieves, high-frequency sieves, banana sieves, used to dehydrate, desliming, remove, classify The role of high-quality polyurethane edging seam screen is usually composed of three parts.
Polyurethane Screen Panels for Coal Washery industry Sales

The first part: stainless steel welded slot screens, screen made of high quality stainless steel trapezoidal wire welding, trapezoidal wire with high strength, high wear resistance, screen seam welding and solid. The narrow width of the screen seam will not block the screen seam due to the material's limit size. The dewatering effect is far more than other dewatering screens on the market. It can effectively increase the purity of the clean coal by 2%-3%. The trapezoidal structure of the screen wire makes the screen can be used longer without damage.

The second part: flat iron skeleton structure, the flat iron skeleton in the welding process to ensure the flatness of the screen surface, effectively support the screen surface, the screen surface is flat, the material through the uniform, advanced welding process and reasonable support structure, installation In the high-frequency vibrating screen, there will be no breaks or breaks in the screen and flat iron due to the fatigue deformation of the metal and the de-welding.

The third part: hanging plastic frame, linear sieve frame border can be polyurethane or wear-resistant rubber edging, wrapping structure can effectively reduce production noise, improve the life of the screen plate, slow down the metal fatigue speed. The slot screen panel is installed in the mold to carry out the wrapping of polyurethane and rubber. The size of the sieve plate after forming is more accurate. After the installation, the sieve plate is tight, and no leakage of coal or falling of the sieve plate occurs. The encapsulated structure is faster when the sieve plate is replaced. By being assembled with various types of plastic fittings, the damage of a single piece of the sieve plate can be individually replaced without affecting the overall sieve surface.


Polyurethane Screen Panels for Coal Washery industry Features and Benefits

Wide range of applications

Constant screen opening dimension regardless of wear

Low noise levels

Great impact resistance

Much smaller minimum screen opening

Flexible Structure

Low friction coefficient

Oil, acid and corrosive chemical resistant


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