Knitted Wire Technologies

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Knitted Wire Technologies
Known as knit wire, knitted wire or woven mesh, Steellong knitted wire mesh products are manufactured as a continuous tube of any material available as a filament (e.g. metal wires, plastics, glass fibres, carbon fibres etc.). This knit wire mesh can then be processed into a wide range of specialist-engineered products.
Knit wire or woven wire can be produced in a variety of stitch patterns and densities. Additionally, metal meshes can also be crimped in a diagonal or herringbone pattern. This allows the free volume and specific surface area of filters to be adjusted to suit pressure drop limitations and efficiency requirements. Knit wires and other filaments can be flattened to increase specific surface area and efficiency.

Any material that can be drawn or spun into filament form can be used to produce a knitted mesh structure for use in the manufacture of products including:

Stainless steel — of grades 304L, 316L, 321, 310 and 310S are typical for long life, temperature and corrosion resistance
Galvanised steel — for low-cost, less demanding applications
Aluminium — for numerous aerospace, military and nuclear applications
Copper — in compressed form, for breathers and filters
Nickel and copper nickel alloys — for marine or saline environments
Polypropylene — lightweight, inexpensive and corrosion resistant

UBO company situated in World Wire Mesh Center Anping County China can manufacture and source various specifications of woven wire mesh made of various material. 

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