Install Gabion Baskets

A gabion basket is used for river control, retaining walls and landscaping. It is a piece of mesh or woven wire that gets filled with rocks.

Depending on material, the shape of a gabion basket can be customized to the owner's specifications, and the basket can be filled with the type of rock desired.

The process for installing a gabion basket involves a lot of time and heavy lifting

Clear the area and make sure the surface is flat and tightly packed down.

Place the gabion basket into the desired position.

Place a metal post through the bottom of the gabion basket and set it in cement for added stability.

Fill the gabion basket with your choice or rocks.

Install metal fasteners to close off the basket.

Place the next gabion basket into position. Attach it to the first basket using metal fasteners. Repeat the process as many times as desired.

Gabion basket is rectangular or cylindrical wire mesh containers filled with stones, soil or sand. These large baskets serve a variety of purposes; some gabions help conserve soil and water while others reduce erosion along slope and banks.

The easiest way to make gabions is to construct them on site, making them a natural extension of the landscape.

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