Industrial-grade cartridge filter - design, quality and description

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Cartridge filters are simple tubular filtration devices designed for filtration requirements in a variety of industries. Cartridge filters are most commonly used to filter water from all particles, chemicals and other impurities. Cartridge filters are used to purify liquids, solvents and water. It is designed to remove submicron particles up to 0.1 to 500 microns. Cartridge filters are known to be typically made of polypropylene, or of spun polyester, and are typically placed in tanks for cleaning purposes. These systems work by pushing water through the system where water passes through a polyester filter and dirt is collected on the screen to allow clean water to pass.

 sand filter

Sand filter VS filter cartridge

The sand filter is the oldest filter system for water purification compared to filter cartridges. A common fact based on efficiency and qualification is that cartridge filters are twice as good at screening dirt and waste as sand filters. The larger filtration area allows water to pass through the filter cartridge and extract smaller dirt particles. Sand filters are known to help remove up to 20 microns, but filter cartridges are known to be designed by industrialists to extract up to 10 microns of dirt particles. The maintenance costs associated with cartridge filters account for less than the known sand filters. The cleaning process of the cartridge filter is not too complicated, it takes almost 10 minutes to clean by backwashing, and it takes more than 2 minutes to clean the sand filter by backwashing. Although the backwash filter takes longer, there is also a risk that some chemicals will re-enter the water. The movement of the cartridge filter is effortless, and during the winter or during a filter failure, anyone can easily move the filter from the working environment to the storage area, while the sand filter weighs about 100-250 pounds, so Mobile is very strong. Restricted or at least difficult.

Cartridge filters, although the most versatile, can take many forms, such as:

Liquid filtration:

Bulk chemicals

Petrochemical products

Clean water

Hydraulic oil


Reagent grade chemical

Paint, varnish


Electric power business

Usually used as the final filter after other filters.

Gas filtration

Dust removal in industrial environments

Compressed air filtration: smoke, fumes, solid contaminants in the system.

Industrial water filtration

Swimming pool water filtration

Degreasing and particle filtration in petrochemical products

Liquid filtration in the food and beverage industry

Pharmaceutical products

Refining and petrochemical

Inks, paints and specialty coatings

Electroplating chemical filtration

Cosmetics and personal care

Wine clarification


Automobile industry

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