How wedge wire is used in the brewing industry

2019-10-23Tags:Wedge Wire Screen used in the Brewing Industry,Posted By zhaozhao

The wedge wire helps to filter and allows the liquid to flow optimally through the brewing vessel. Once the filter unit or container is put into production, the wedge wire will make the brewing industry more efficient and profitable through reliable functions. Low maintenance costs, easy replacement and effective wedge wire strength increase product quality while minimizing defects, waste and product returns. According to the US Treasury, more than 180 million barrels of beer were produced in the United States in 2017. This emphasizes the need for high quality filtration and testing of beverages during the production process.

The brewing industry is a global business, so competition and product quality are critical to the survival of manufacturers. Wedge wire allows for better testing, control and maintenance of the product in the production hall.

As a manufacturer of wedge mesh screens, we must focus on the wedge wire product building and design. Wedge wire is ideal for screening and testing beverages or identifying contaminants in solution.

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