How to correctly maintain microporous filter

2016-11-14Tags:microporous filter,Posted By Jane

Micro-porous filter is the recent development of a new type of high precision filtration equipment, microporous filters can be divided into coarse filter porous filter and fine filter micro-porous filter, these two kinds of micro-hole filter maintenance is more or less the same. Most important of is filter of maintenance has, filter on equivalent to a a people of heart, it is micro-hole filter device of "heart", this heart belongs to easy loss pieces, more is need special of protection, first, micro-hole filter device using a time Hou must on filter for cleaning, because a time of using after, impurities will attached in filter of surface, blocked filter network of pore, effect micro-hole filter device of operation; second, in wash clear of when, cannot using too hard of wash clear tool to cleaning filter network, So as not to cause unnecessary damage to the mesh; Finally, the filter must be replaced after a certain time, because filters are easily damaged. Throughout the maintenance, removal of micro-hole filter, reinstall must be sure to install the correct. Good maintenance can extend the life of micro-porous filter.

Microporous filters has been widely used in medicine, chemical industry, electronics, beverages, wine, chemical and biological water treatment equipment, environmental protection and other industrial equipment needed. Enterprise in purchase good micro-hole filter device, must to according to must process installation, installation Qian completely cleaning micro-hole filter device and the all parts, then check to connection of equipment Shang of all valve whether close, confirmed close Hou connection Shang micro-hole filter device, zhihou, slowly open into liquid valve, observation micro-hole filter device operation whether normal, confirmed correct Hou, even installation good has.

Whether it is installed or maintained, the most important point is that staff members are to carefully every step of the operation.

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