How to check the quality of our wire cloth

Choosing Steellong as your supplier of woven wire cloth can ensure you get good quality of goods at reasonable price. Steellong always put emphasis on quality. Strict quanlity control system has been one of our features. 

To Check the quality of wire cloth, three things need to be done: material and weaving and diameter.

Space Cloth: With a rule, check the distance from the inner edges of two adjacent, parallel wires.

Coarse Mesh Cloth: Use a rule to count the openings in one linear inch, starting at the center of any wire

Medium Mesh Cloth: Beginning about 20 mesh, use a counting glass to count the openings per linear inch from wire center to center both horizontally and vertically ( or count openings in 1/4 inch slot and multiply by four).

Wire Diameter: Always check with a micrometer caliper. Measure both Warp and Shute. Use a magnifying glass to see if wires are parallel (both Warp and Shute). Check quality of crimping.

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