How To Weave Wire Cloth

2019-02-13Tags:How To Weave Wire Cloth,Posted By zhaozhao

Auto Loom
With our automatic looms we can weave fine wire cloth and coarse wire mesh in various metal alloys.
Employed for fine and some coarse wire meshes, usually ½" mesh or finer. First, the number of wires to make up the width of the roll is calculated (the warp wires). Next, the required number of warp wires are wound around a drum, called a beam, enough turns to make up the length, and the beam is attached to the loom. Then, the loose ends of the wires are threaded through a series of slots on the loom, to keep the wires the proper distance apart, and tied to a take up drum. A bobbin of wire (the fill wire) is threaded over one warp wire and under next, and so on across the width. The bobbin then travels back in the other direction, creating looped, or selvedge edges. The bobbin continues traveling back and forth, with the finished portion wrapping around the take up drum.

We custom weave wire cloth and wire mesh products in-house to your specifications.

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