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Mesh size often depends on different countries, different industries, different standards. The current mesh size in China is not yet unified. Because of the complex shape of the particles, usually sieving grain size, sedimentation particle size, equivalent volume particle size, surface area and particle size equivalent of several representation. So sieve size according to their own situation to the size of the particulate material is set.

When the screen is its looks almost the same. But when you closer contact with the screen, nomatter from your looking or from the structure it not exactly as same as. In fact, it can be found from the mesh of performance, service life, sieve out the results and structure are important differences:

1: The quality of the screen can meet national and international standards.

2: The quality of the screen is computer-optimized fine optical instrument to accurately measure, screens large and small holes, like, looks great feeling.

3: The screen mesh ribbon rigid point, toughness, with balanced tension.

4: Framework screen to display precise shape, roads and housing is completely sealed, no cracks, no deviation, it will not break.

5: The screen frame surrounding will be striped, convenient handheld, do not damage the skin, to maintain a certain degree of comfort.

6: Perfect screen appearance generous, practical, does not affect the realism.

In the current application, then the screen market is very broad, different shapes, different kinds for different places, all over the fields of industry, agriculture, science and technology, national defense and other places. Like stainless steel mesh is mainly used in petroleum, textile, metallurgy, building materials, plant, machinery, landscape protection and other fields. Because the area where they are relatively broad compared in a large market. But if some pharmacies, flour, fishery and other relatively small market, then we can consider some of the nylon mesh.

As a consumer, we should be how to distinguish a good screen it? Because it looks the same?

Of course, the screen of the future Chinese market will continue to expand the application of space will be more broad, so the development needs of a particular company or a company's own situation can be carried out according to the application.

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