Choosing your Fence

2009-05-31Tags:Choosing your Fence,Posted By zhaozhao

Fences are necessary for security, privacy, keeping pets in, helping to eliminate noise or wind, and defining boundaries but the type of fence you get will depend on your needs. Security is a major issue for many families, and a fence and/or gate is the first and most visible step towards deterring intruders. Consider whether the fence will block your views, what interaction you want with your neighbours, what your privacy issues are (for example, if your neighbour’s kitchen looks into your bathroom), and the type of pet you own. 

Ensure that the fence is visually appealing and that it fits in with the style of your home.  For example, modern-style homes look great with sleek steel or aluminium fences.  More traditional homes with cottage-style gardens are perfectly complemented by the wooden picket fence.

If noise is a concern at your home, you will want a material that is capable of blocking it out.  Heavier materials are best for this purpose, so think along the lines of brick, cement or even closely joined wood.  To keep pets in, ensure that the fence is taller and has no gaps in it.

Finally, remember that masonry fences over one metre high and all fences over two metres high will generally require approval from your local council.  Fences adjacent to road intersections will also require approval.  If in doubt, always check with your council first to save any potential hassle down the track.

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