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 air filter Glossary -1
A, B, C, D
IC manufacturing for airborne molecular contaminants classification. A representative of acid gases (Acids), B representative alkaline gases (Bases), C representative may unite compound (Condensables), D represent other dopant gases (Dopants).
Absolute Filter, absolute filter
Early foreign company to have a HEPA filter from the trade name of the corresponding filtration efficiency of 99.97% (0.3mm DOP).
AC fine (Air Cleaner Test Dust, fine), AC fine ash
US regulations for filtration and dust removal device performance test standard dust, in addition to China and Japan, countries in common. The dust from the desert areas of Arizona, commonly known as Arizona Road Dust.
Incorporation of a predetermined amount of short fibers and carbon black in AC fine ash, filter test became common standard ASHRAE dust.
International Organization for Standardization ISO provides automotive filter filtering effect measurements using AC fine ash.
Aerosol, aerosols
Solid or liquid particles and gas formation of a relatively stable suspension system.
Internationally, the majority of people who engage in filtering theory involved in aerosol Society activities, but do people prefer filtration applications in the HVAC industry get together and children.
AFI (Air Filter Institute), the Institute of American Air Filter
Filtration efficiency test method weight and colorimetry first use by AFI, AFI have called efficiency. If you see "AFI efficiency", you have to distinguish yourself is the weight efficiency (Arrestance) or colorimetric efficiency (Dust-spot).
AHU (Air Handling Unit), central air conditioners
Central air conditioning is most often seen where the air filter.
Air Filter, Air Filter
When used in central air conditioning and clean room, called the air filter; used in piston engine and a small air compressor, it is called an air filter.
AMC (Airborne Molecular Contaminant), airborne molecular contaminants
Semiconductor manufacturing called molecular contaminants.
Arrestance, weight efficiency
Low efficiency filter derived using the weight method efficiency.
ASHRAE Efficiency
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Association ASHRAE 52.1 standard method specified by the measured efficiency. Generally refers to a colorimetric method (dust-spot) efficiency, sometimes referred to as NBS efficiency, AFI efficiency.
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