Air filter Glossary-4

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Filter resistance. Sometimes called Pressure Drop, Differential Pressure, DP.
Sick Building Syndrome, building pathogenic symptoms
Poor indoor air is often considered to be pathogenic culprit.
Synthetic Media
Chemical fiber filter, also known as synthetic fibers.
ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) Filter ultra-high efficiency filter
For 0.1 ~ 0.2mm ≥99.999% particle filtration efficiency filters (USA).
≥99.9995% for MPPS efficiency filters (Europe).
For 0.12mm ≥99.999% particle filtration efficiency of the filter (Early American).
Van de Waals Force, van der Waals forces
Molecules and molecules, molecules with a gravitational force between the surface molecules, including the orientation of force, inducement, dispersion forces. Sticky dust on the filter media, mainly by van der Waals forces. When activated carbon adsorption filter chemical contaminants, but also by the van der Waals force.
Ventilation Filter
Refers to the general ventilation filters to distinguish between clean room with high efficiency filter. Sometimes also called Ashrae Filter.
VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), volatile organic compounds
Refers to the air conditioning industry molecular contaminants. IC industry known as AMC

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