Air filter Glossary -3

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HEPA Panel
Clean room with no HEPA filter habit called.
IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)
Indoor Air Quality
MPPS (Most Penetratiable Particulate Size), the most penetrating particle size
Measuring filter for filtering particulate matter filtration efficiency hardest a scan test method.
No partition of the filter used to call. Sometimes also called Close-pleated.
NBS (National Bureau of Standard), the US National Bureau of Standards
Early US National Bureau of Standards has the AFI's weight and colorimetry as a national standard.
Particle Efficiency, counting efficiency
With a filter efficiency particle counter measurements.
PE (Polyester), polyester
In the filtration industry, refers to the chemical class of polyester fibers, such as polyester fibers.
PP (Polypropylene), polypropylene, polypropylene
In the filtration industry, often refers to static electricity (electret) superfine polypropylene fiber filter material.
Pre-filter, pre-filter
Filter under a protective filter. Pre-filter can have various forms and efficiency specifications.
PTFE Teflon
In the filtration industry, PTFE filter means efficient use electret filter material PTFE fibers. PTFE filter is a new filter material, it does not trace volatiles, strength, and current drawback is the high price.
Pulse-jet Filter, self-cleaning filter
Pulse cleaning with compressed air filters and filter cleaning device.


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