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We are a leading manufacturer of industrial screens, technical products based on them, including centrifugal baskets and filter segments.We have been designing and delivering solutions for mechanical processes such as classification, dehydration, filtration and separation. For two decades, we have been carrying out challenging projects in the field of architecture using decorative architectural nets. Our company consists of three strategic divisions:

· Mineral Resources Division
It provides comprehensive solutions in the scope of mechanical processing for the mineral resources industry, including coal-mining and aggregates, building industry, metallurgy, coke engineering and recycling.

· Industrial Division
It provides comprehensive solutions for processing methods for the industries such as machine building, power engineering, petroleum industry, including petrochemistry and refining, food industry (fruit and vegetable, milk, sugar industry, beer and wine industry, meat and poultry industry, grain and milling industry), paper and cellulose industry, water and environment protection.

· Architectural Division
It provides complex and individual architectural solutions based on metal woven wire mesh, woven wire mesh with rope and welded wire grids, with wide application as metal facades and ceilings, fences and balustrades, gabions and floor grids.

We invest in technology

Comprehensive production program, modern machinery and experienced team of engineers and designers ensure providing optimal solutions regardless of operating conditions and parameters. We currently manufacture screens in all technologies ranging from slotted wedge wire screens (flat and cylindrical), steel woven and fine screens (flat top, crimp, corrugated, with rope), polyurethane and rubber screens (modular and tensioned systems), as well as perforated screen. While improving production processes, we are constantly expanding our offer.

Guarantee the highest quality

We know how important it is to maintain the continuity of processing methods and what losses are associated with the risk of installing low-quality screens. Therefore, our goal is to provide our Customers with consistently superior quality products to ensure maximum performance and efficiency of their plants. Quality Department is one of the key departments in our organization. Each product passes a thorough inspection procedure before it reaches the Customer. In production process we use materials that meet the highest quality requirements, only from certified suppliers. Our policy of production and warehouse management ensures timely processing of all orders. Our supply program guarantees the best terms and conditions of supply, and thus additional savings for our Customers. Innovation and the highest quality of our products is confirmed by, among others: ISO 9001:2000 

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