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Companies that are new in the industry or looking for industrial grade panel screens might find it confusing when faced with several options when it comes to the panel screen of their choice. Profile wire panel screen has different names depending on the industry that they are used. That said, the profile screen is popularly known as wedge wire, tri-wire or v-wire in almost all industry making it easier for many to familiarize themselves with these technical terms.

Profile wedge wire screen filter panel is popular with many industrial companies because of its efficient solution when it comes to separating solid and liquid particles. Aside from retention, the panels can also be custom made to ensure efficient filtration of media, dewatering and collection as well as an effective solution for distribution. Hebei High Top can customize the panel screens depending on the client’s specifications and designs.

Originally, screens are produced in a flat panel and cylinder shaped and the shapes offer several advantages and benefits. Flat panels have greater strength, an extended service life and the precision opening space makes for an uninterrupted flow. Cylindrical panels on the other hand avoid clogging because of its large open area and uninterrupted flow, making it the preferred choice for the food industry as well as for water treatment facilities.

v wire screen for stair and ladder

Selecting Your Profile Wire Screen

There are several factors that companies need to consider when purchasing or designing their own profile wire screen(s). Aside from the cost or budget, one should consider the purpose or use for the wire screens. Water treatment companies, for example, should consider the thickness and the strength of the support rods of the wire screens to prevent any accidents such as leaks. Petrochemical companies on the other hand, should consider coating their panels with non-corrosive/abrasive substances to ensure that the panels will not corrode when used in chemical applications. The cost of the panel screens depends on these factors as well as other added features. Our expert engineering team can help customize, design or give feedback on the customer’s specifications and designs to ensure that quality is not compromised when making the prototype.

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