Why OEM Filters are the Better Option

2020-10-10Tags:Why OEM Filters are the Better Option,Posted By zhaozhao

When searching for a supplier of industrial filters, it’s in your best interest to seek out one that offers OEM filters. As their name suggests, OEM filters are original products that are manufactured and sold by the same company. Another, more recognizable term used to refer to OEM products is “factory original”. 

There’s a price to be paid for the quality assurance that comes with OEM industrial filters; they are typically around 60% more expensive than aftermarket filters. This cost disparity stems from the fact that OEM filters arrive on the market through appliance parts supply chains, and pass through a number of parties to get there. Each of these parties marks up the price of the filter to get their share of the profit.

We have been designing and manufacturing air and liquid filtration solutions. We are an OEM factory that prioritizes customer service.

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Why OEM Filters are the Better Option

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