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Wedge Wire Screen Applications

Wedge wire screen is the general term of screens. Different wedge wire screens have the specific application. Below are the wedge wire cylinders, screen cylinders, sieve bend screen, water well screen, wedge wire filter applications.

Wedge Wire Cylinders Applications:
Wedge Wire cylinders are used as rotary screens, collectors such as screen laterals and nozzles, resin traps, in-line strainers, water intake screens, well screens, as well as many other applications involving liquid / solids separation.

Sieve Bend Screen Application:
Sieve bend screen is also named wire screen. They are suitable for use in wide range of industries by improving process efficiencies, such as:

  • Sugar Mills;
  • Fruit juice processes;
  • Pulp & paper mills;
  • Sewage treatment - Dewater clean coal in a big circuit.
  • Mineral processing- Prepare froth flotation feed or scalp froth tailings in coarse coal recovery.

Wedge Wire Filter Application:

  • Sieve filters for foods such as oils and greases.
  • Pre-filters for water recycling plants.
  • End-filters used prior to bottling any viscose mediums such as syrup, marmalade.
  • Dirt strainers for protecting pumps, valves, spray-nozzles or heat-exchangers.