What is Sintering

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Sintering is a process that improves the characteristics of woven wire mesh by bonding the contact points of all the wires together to form a mesh whose wires are securely fused in place. This is achieved through a combination of heat and pressure, and the result is a single layer sintered wire mesh.

Can you sinter together multiple layers of wire mesh?

Yes, a more common application of the sintering process involves laminating multiple layers of woven wire mesh together to form a sintered mesh part that compared to a single layer of wire mesh has increased mechanical strength, greater preservation of filter rating under pressure, is easier to clean and has better structural integrity. A multiple layer sintered wire mesh part can maintain the filtration rating of its finest mesh layer, while also maintaining the mechanical strength of its coarser support layers.

Sintered Metal Mesh Filter

What're Characteristics of Sintered Metal?

  • High mechanical strength, with the ability to maintain a steady filter rating under high pressure.
  • Easy to clean with a variety of filter cleaning techniques and reuse.
  • Heat and corrosion-resistant.
  • Easy to fabricate, weld, punch, shear, or otherwise form into various parts.
  • Wide range of filter ratings.

Our metal powder sintered filters are used in a variety of industrial and specialty filtration systems in mission-critical environments. Our powders make their way into everything from semiconductor manufacture to medical equipment to automotive applications. Welcome, contact us if you have any questions about the sintered filter.

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