Welded Wedge Wire Mesh Screen Cylinder

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An Overview of Welded Wedge Wire Mesh Screen Cylinder

The welded wedge wire mesh screen cylinder is a cylindrical filter element made of wedge wire mesh, which is securely fixed to a support frame through welding. This welded wedge wire cylinder boasts excellent filtering performance, high strength, and corrosion resistance, making it a versatile solution across various industries such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing.

welded wedge wire mesh screen cylinder

Key specifications of the welded wedge wire screen cylinder include:

  • Diameter;
  • Length;
  • Wire Mesh Material;
  • Wire Mesh Gap;
  • Support Frame Material;

Users can tailor these specifications to meet their specific operational requirements.


1. Petroleum and Chemical Industry

Purpose: Filtering and separating crude oil and chemical raw materials.

2. Pharmaceutical Industry

Purpose: Filtering and separating pharmaceutical raw materials to ensure purity.

3. Food Industry

Purpose: Filtering and separating food raw materials, adhering to hygiene standards.

4. Dehydration Field

Mining: Dehydration of ore.

Sludge Treatment: Dehydration of sludge.

5. Catalytic Reaction Field

Petrochemical Industry: Used as filler for reaction devices.

6. Other Fields

Electronics Industry: Housing for electronic components.

The components of papermaking machinery and equipment in the papermaking industry.

Performance Indicators

The performance indicators for welded wedge wire filter cylinders in different industries vary.

1. Filtration Accuracy

Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industries: High filtration accuracy to remove finer particles.

Food Industry: Extremely high filtration accuracy to ensure no foreign matter.

2. Corrosion Resistance

Chemical Industry: Resistance to strong acids and alkalis.

Food Industry: Must meet hygiene standards and avoid product contamination.

3. Mechanical Strength

Mining and Sludge Treatment: Ability to withstand high pressure and vibration.

Reaction Devices: Ability to withstand high temperature and pressure.

4. Porosity/Flowability

All Industries: Appropriate porosity to ensure high flowability and filtration efficiency.

5. Service Life

All Industries: Long-term stable operation to reduce replacement frequency.

6. Cleaning

All Industries: Easy cleaning to extend service life.

Optimization Measures

If the the welded wedge wire mesh cylinder's filtration accuracy or flow performance does not meet the requirements, consider the following optimization measures:

  • Adjust Wire Mesh Parameters
  • Reduce wire mesh gap to improve filtration accuracy.
  • Increase wire mesh diameter to enhance flowability.
  • Select different wire mesh materials to meet specific corrosion resistance needs.
  • Optimize Support Structure
  • Design a more efficient support frame to reduce pressure drop.
  • Use a multi-layer structure to increase filtration area.
  • Change Geometric Dimensions
  • Increase diameter and length to expand the filtration area.
  • Adjust the aspect ratio to optimize the flow field.
  • Use Composite Structure
  • Install a pre-filter layer outside the basic wire mesh cylinder.
  • Add flow guide devices at the inlet and outlet to optimize the flow field.
  • Employ Auxiliary Equipment
  • Equip with a backwash device to extend service life.
  • Combine with pressure sensors for automatic control.


In conclusion, the welded wedge wire mesh screen cylinder is a highly adaptable filtering solution suitable for a variety of industries. By optimizing wire mesh parameters, structural design, geometric dimensions, and auxiliary equipment, users can meet specific performance requirements in diverse application environments.


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