Wedge Wire wedge wire screens and Coal washing process

Coal washing is an indispensable process in coal deep processing. Coal directly mined from the mine is called raw coal, which is mingled with many impurities in the process of mining, and the quality of coal is different. Coal with small internal ash and large internal ash is mixed together.

Coal washing is an industrial process that removes impurities from raw coal or classifies high-quality coal and low-quality coal.

The products produced after the coal washing process are generally divided into gangue, medium coal, grade B and grade A. The finished coal after coal washing process is usually called clean coal.

Through coal washing, the transportation cost of coal can be reduced and the utilization rate of coal can be improved. Clean coal is generally used as fuel energy. Clean coal of bituminous coal is mainly used for coking. It needs to desulfurize, remove impurities and other industrial processes to achieve the standard of coking.

Technological process

Brief introduction

Coal processing, waste disposal, material, and equipment transportation constitute the mine ground system.

The surface coal processing system is composed of coal receiving, screening (Wedge Wire wedge wire screens), crushing, coal preparation, storage, loading, and other main links, and is the main body of mine surface production.

Coal receiving

Coal receiving is a bunker with a certain capacity near the wellhead, which accepts the coal lifted to the ground under the well and ensures the balanced and continuous production of the wellhead up and down.

Screening(Wedge Wire wedge wire screens)

At this time, there are many metal screens to choose from. Wedge Wire wedge wire screen is the best chose.

Screening is the process of dividing a mixture of different particle sizes into different poles with a porous screen surface. The machine used for screening is called a screening machine or a Wedge Wire wedge wire screens.

In coal preparation plant, screening operation is widely used in raw coal preparation and treatment. According to the different screening methods, it can be divided into dry screening and wet screening.

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