Wedge Wire for Dewatering Screen

For nearly half a century, dewatering screens have been instrumental in the coal mining industry to effectively separate solids found in slurries. 

What Are the Benefits Dewatering Equipment?

Adding dewatering equipment can effectively remove moisture from the final product and capture tiny particles in the wastewater, resulting in drier material. In addition, the removed water can be efficiently recycled back through the manufacturing or processing plant. No matter the industry, the overarching goal of dewatering screens is to deliver the cleanest possible filtrate and driest possible solids.

BesideS, material that is dewatered also reduces the drying time of the stockpile, which can free up valuable space at your facility.

Dewatering Screen Design

Dewatering screens are capable of processing fine aggregates and achieving dry products from a range of moisture content. However, the ability of the device to achieve the desired results will hinge greatly on the dewatering screen mesh size and design. 

The Nature of the Materials

When you’re considering the dewatering screen design and dewatering screen sizing, the nature of the materials is key.

Wedge wire is the usual material for the dewatering screen.

Working Environment

The dewatering screen design and dewatering screen sizing can both vary based on the working environment. 

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