Wedge Wire Water Strainer Filter Nozzle

Nozzles Filter is composed of V-profile wire stainless steel which is spirally wrapped in certain equal slot. To maintain the slot size around inside and add extra strength are mounted. It has each cover for both ends of nozzle.Each wire and rod are made by spot welding. and fitting pipe is adjusted according to the thickness of set bottom plate.Nozzle is completed by welding fitting pipe to a cover of down end after setting screw according to the type of nut.

Because filter nozzle is a custom type, we will have engineers design drawings for each product and after confirming with the customer, we will customize the product. If the customer has a drawing, we will pass the details to the customer for production and sales.

Custom service, caring service, just for you.

There are more types filter nozzle, such as long-hand filter nozzle, single, double wedge wire filter nozzle, etc.

And you can let me know if you have any question.

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