Wedge Wire Screens Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Wedge wire screens are manufactured and distributed as high-quality wedge wire screen panels, and are custom-manufactured to suit specific screens, machines, and applications. Making use of a wide range of apertures and profiles on the various wedge wire screen sizes, these screens are specifically designed to reduce pegging in difficult applications.

As wedge wire screen manufacturers, YUBO ensures its wedge wire screen products are available in a wide range of apertures and profiles. This certifies that we provide the highest wear resistance according to your specific application requirements. Our unique manufacturing capability enables us to customize screen panels to suit both wedge wire screen machines and applications.

The profiles of the longitudinal wires determine the shape and size of the downward slot opening and affect the extent to which slots remain open. The combination of materials used in the construction of our wedge wire screens makes them ideal for all high abrasion and corrosion mineral processing equipment requirements.

We also offer a uniquely designed wedge wire sieve bend screen along with a wide range of application-specific profiles. 

These tailored wedge wire screen filters provide the following advantages:

Machine spot-welded for high strength throughout

High abrasion and corrosion resistance

Precise sizing is maintained

Maximised open area drainage

High release angles

We offer Wedge Wire Screens that are used in wide range of applications across various industries such as Chemical Industries, Fertilizer Industries, Pulp & Paper industries, Petroleum Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Coal processing, Mineral beneficiation, Iron ore, Gold and much more…

Reduce pegging in difficult applications. Contact us or emails to us. We’ll call you back.

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