Wedge Wire Screen Filter Media

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When it comes to the filtration, what comes to mind first? Water filtration? Oil filtration? Plastic, metal, ceramic filter material?

Do you still think of a stainless steel wedge wire filter that can be used in the industrial industry?

we specialize in stainless steel wedge wire filter element for the filtration world.

What is Wedge Wire?

Wedge wire is a metallic filter media made up of v-shaped wires that are lined up against or wound around support or structure. The wires are attached through welding.

wedge wire screen

The material being filtered flows through these formed slots. Most often, the surface facing the liquid is the flat/smooth side while the “v” shape is on the bottom.

The support structure for this material is located opposite of the incoming material, which allows it to support the media while staying out of the path of flow. Flow direction can be either outside-to-inside or inside-to-outside and the filter is constructed accordingly.

Wedge wire is most typically formed into cylinders or panels. As the different industries, we can design different types of filters for you.

In addition, this media can be cleaned and reused indefinitely and the high strength nature resists damage, leading to a filter media with long service life. So, wedge wire screen is the better choice for industry filtration.

stainless steel filter element media


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