Wedge Wire Hub and Header Lateral for water treatment

Header laterals promote even distribution while also avoiding flow/pressure concentrations. Each header lateral consists of a series of screen laterals connected to a central header to provide uniform flow within a vessel containing treatment media. Header laterals can be used to either distribute inflow or collect flow, depending on their location within a vessel.  We build header laterals to your specifications for material (stainless steel options or alloys), wire and rod size, and open area to accommodate your media retention and flow-rate requirements. We also drill the proper size and number of holes for backwash systems.

wedge wire screen Header laterals filter for water treatment

Each of our Header and Hub-Lateral Systems are carefully designed from your specified design conditions that includes the vessel inside diameter, volumetric flow rate, allowable pressure drop through the screen, resin/media to be retained and minimum open area to list. 

Our experienced engineering group designs each system to provide even distribution or collection across the entire cross-sectional area of the vessel.


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Header laterals filter for water treatment filtration system

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