Wedge Wire Filter Nozzle for Industry Filtration

The Wedge Wire Nozzle is used for liquid and solid separation or gas and solid separation, and its quality and performance are considered when designing. It is usually used as a collector and distributor for desalination devices, water softeners, and pressure and gravity sand filters.

The Wedge Wire Nozzle adopts a plug-free design, large opening area, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, good pressure resistance, long service life, safety and reliability, low overall cost, and economical characteristics.

Commonly, standard Wedge Wire filter Nozzle each has a flow rate of 0.5T/h, 1T/h, 1.5T/h, 2T/h, 3T/h, 5T/h. Mounting joints have external thread connection, internal thread connection, and flange connection. Various types of thread connections such as M, G, and NPT thread (N) can be made according to your requirements. 

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1 filter nozzle
2 water nozzle
wedge wire nozzle
4 wire filter nozzle
5 stainless steel nozzle
6 filter water nozzle
7 wedge wire water nozzle
8 wedge wire filter nozzle
9 wedge wire nozzle for filtration

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