About YUBO

The common stainless steel cartridgebelonging a classification of stainless steel filter. Stainless steel cartridge for common stainless steel perforated metal mesh also known as net hole, to make the skeleton, play a supporting role, depending on the use case, or inside or outside, said net plus, play the role of final filtration, many manufacturers produce stainless steel cartridge welding method used for welding, TIG welding technology to produce normal products out there are a lot of imperfections, such as bumps or dents, deformation, affect the appearance is not that largely affected the overall product performance produced, for example, the product of roundness, balance, etc., in the simple production used above okay, but often in important or high-speed rotating filter when the performance is very obvious deficiencies.
To this end, UBO specializing in the next submerged arc welding technology, and now UBO technology workers in welding technology can meet international standards, welded stainless steel cartridge out in terms of appearance and the overall effect for both unparalleled silent, while large production when the price becomes a great advantage.