The Smallest Perforated Hole Size Available

Perforated metal has a wide range of use in the field of construction, architecture,   electronic...Different fields have different requirements about the hole size and material of the screen. Steellong can manufacture various kinds of patterns, including round, square, rectangular, diamond, hexagon, and in variety of materials like aluminum, stainless steel, copper, metal and even plastic.
Steellong offer different sizes of perforated screen to meet your needs. The minimum hole size is listed as followed:
Machine Perforated Metal: round hole 0.8mm, square hole 2*2mm.  The scale between the hole size and thickness of the metal is not less than 1:1
Chemical Etching Metal: round hole 0.1mm, rectangular hole: 0.1*0.7mm, square hole 1*1mm. The thickness of the metal is 0.05mm.

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