The Role of Wedge Wire Screen in Beer Manufacturing

Filtration is an indispensable step in the beer brewing process. Today we will introduce the role of wedge wire screens in beer manufacturing. And Its main job is to promote the filtration of malt (crushed grain) from wort (fermentation broth).

Many different types of wedge wire round sieve plates element may be used in the process of brewing beer. So be sure to choose the correct type of wedge wire mesh to ensure the filtering process. It is this that affects the taste of the final product (beer).

The working principle of the circular filter screen at the bottom of the filter screen: supports the mash bed, restricts the grains above the sieve plate, and allows the liquid wort in the waste wort to flow through.

Why use wedge-shaped wire mesh filter discs instead of other types of filter discs? There are three reasons why I have to say.
1.The unique "V" shape of the wedge wire ensures a fixed filtering position, large opening area, accurate notch size, and high wort flow.
2.The use of wedge wire has little possibility of clogging, which can prevent particles from stagnating or clogging pores and improve the filtration speed.
3.Wedge wire filter equipment is easy to clean.

If you need high-quality beer wedge wire screens, please provide the requirements of the required screens, such as filtration accuracy, diameter, gap, style, shape, pressure, etc. Our professional engineering designers will draw product drawings according to your requirements and produce wedge wire screens that meet your requirements.

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the circular filter screen

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