Stainless steel filter installation note

when Stainless steel filters work, filtered water from the water entrance enters, flows through filter net,through the export into the user need knowing the pipeline carry out crafts cycle, water inside the particles and impurities are trapped in the filter net inside.So ongoing cycling,trapped particles down more and more,filtration rate will more and more slowly,but imports sewage still continue to enter,the filtration hole will become more and more smaller.thus between the inlet and outlet will produce pressure difference,when the difference value reaches the set value, the differential pressure transmitter will electric signals transferred to controller, the differential pressure transmitter will transmit electrical signals to the controller, the control starts crying driven by the drive motor shaft drive components.At the same time open outfall ,discharge from the outfall,when the filter net after cleaning, pressure differential drops the minimum value, the system returns to the initial filter status, normal operation of the system.

Stainless steel filter installation:

This type valve in the pipe should generally be installed horizontally.

When you install using, should pay attention to protection of the control box, sensors and transmission parts to prevent damage

When according to the stainless steel cleaning connecting pipe adjustable electric parts in the direction of the tips arrow on the filter body,please note the direction of rotation of the motor direction to be consistent with the identification

Installation should consider ease of maintenance,and should install a bypass pipeline.

Installation should try to consider the outfall in the lower part,convenient to emission impurities.

Outfall pipes received sewage ditch,outfall pipes should not too long.

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