Stainless Steel Water Nozzle Introduction

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Stainless steel water nozzle also called wedge wire water nozzle, also known as wedge-shaped wire management nozzle. Different from the traditional ABS water nozzle, because ABS water nozzle strength and pressure resistance, poor temperature resistance, aging resistance, especially for the strength of this weakness, causing ABS water Cap easy to break, bring risk to the safe operation of the equipment, which would compromise system security.

Stainless steel trapezoidal wire nozzle water to overcome this shortcoming, stainless steel water nozzle, hardly damaged, long service life.

1 Stainless steel water Nozzle of Overview

Stainless steel wedge wire water Nozzle are derivatives of the wedge-shaped stainless steel wire winding tube, Nozzle formed by the welding of stainless steel trapezoidal wire wrapped, the top water nozzle, connect the nipple and filtration tank connection. High filter precision adjustable range, acid and alkali resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, high safety factor characteristics. Is the ideal product to replace traditional ABS water Nozzle.

2 Stainless steel water Nozzle in the second category:


(1)the flow can be roughly 0.25 tonnes/hour, 0.5 tons/hour, 1 ton/hour.

(2 )divided by long long, medium, short handle, handle three.
(3) classified according to the shape column-shaped, hemispherical, plum-shaped, disc-shaped, and so on.
(4) according to interface with silk, the silk are two.
Typically, stainless steel water Nozzle also have several collectively: tubular single double TOU Shui TOU Shui Nozzle, tube caps, pull type single TOU Shui hat, pulling double TOU Shui hat, long handle single TOU Shui water Nozzle, deck Nozzle, double splint TOU Shui hat, Nozzle, dual-velocity water Nozzle, flat water.

3 Structures, Stainless Steel Water Nozzle:

Wedge wire water nozzle are used water nozzle holder, water caps cover, ladder pipe and duct with rib structure. Ladder pipe axis features a mounted in the water Nozzle venting valve upside down Nozzle, Xia Kou, inclusive upper water diversion pipe Nozzle parts, flow valve bottom of Cup and wall as well as diversion include the upper part of the pipe wall has a number of pores, and at the top of the guide tube is provided with a fluctuating flow valve core. Through the ladder screen flux, hole number, pore size and gap spacing setting, the water Nozzle meets backwash with filtered water flow rate in the different process of velocity ratios in the State.

4 Application of Stainless Steel Water Nozzle:

Stainless steel water Nozzle is a filter for water distribution system steam recoil washing device at the bottom, it can effectively wash out filter for sludge in debris, and ensure normal operation of filter for water quality and quantity; stainless steel water cap of reasonable structure, firmly attached, high bearing strength, slot type, can make no backwater district between the filter plate, no accumulation of mud, the effect is good. Filter head filter is commonly used for Backwashing filter for soda water distribution system filter Backwashing filter applied to a single water and gravity, pressure filtration tanks and other water treatment equipment, Ion-Exchange filter bed filtration unit. Filter head filter for drinking water, industrial water advanced purification and filter filter high pure water, mineral water production in high-purification materials, effective removal of COD in water filter filter, color or smell toxic.

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