Smooth surface is the first impression for the stainless steel sieve plate

2019-02-21Tags:sieve plate,Posted By zhaozhao

When we choose the stainless steel sieve panels,first,observe the appearance,understand the product's appearance was mainly to observe the surface,
So smooth surface of a stainless steel sieve plate is very important.UBO with sieve plate production experience for many years, that the surface of the stainless steel sieve panels make sure smooth performance of the plate is also very important.

stainless steel sieve plate

Smooth surface is the first impression for the stainless steel sieve plate

In the corrosive environment, wedge wire plate has smooth surface and it isn’t easy to dirt accumulation, deposition of dirt lead to rust and corrosion of sieve plate. In the spacious lobby, wedge wire plate is the most common decorative material, smooth and not easy to accumulation of dust on the surface of natural color appearance reflects the surrounding environment.

Stainless steel wedge wire panel plays a important role in our life, more and more places involved it, but no matter what kind of industries used it,stainless steel sieve plate needs a smooth surface, so when people choose the sieve plates,first thing,observe the appearance.In the production process of stainless steel wedge wire plate,it have to increase the processing requirements,without burrs, in design technology is done carefully,and ensure the wedge wire plate adapt to a variety of environmental requirements.

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