Rundown Screen Filter Advantage

2022-10-12Tags:Rundown Screen Filter, Parabolic screens, Inlet screens,Posted By zhaozhao

YUBO supplies rundown screens, also known as parabolic screens, Inlet screens, used for solid and liquid separation. These filters are custom manufactured to suit our customer’s specific processes.

Rundown screens are a cost-effective and highly efficient filtration method with large capacity for applications such as dewatering processes. Each unit consists of an outer body made of mild steel or stainless steel; an inlet chamber and a wedge wire curved screen, where the separating process happens. Whilst the liquid is extracted through the screen into a collecting chamber, solid particles are deposited on the screen, slide to the bottom and then onto a solids discharge chute due to gravity. The extracted liquid can then be reused or discharged through a disposal outlet of the collecting chamber.

Rundown screens filter


Rundown Screen Filter Benefits:

Available in stainless steel with varied specifications

Large capacity for dewatering process

Cost-effective and efficient method of solid and liquid separation

Self-Cleaning screen, reduced downtime

Over 30 years’ experience in filtration


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