Metal Wire Mesh Filter Disc

Like fishing net, filter mesh is woven metal wire or plastic strands which stops particles that are too large from passing through openings in the mesh. Filter mesh is considered a surface filtration type of material or media because particles are captured on the surface of the mesh.

The design and production of metal mesh filter discs are aimed at providing filter protection to liquid and gas flow systems.These cost-effective wire mesh filter discs provide a significant increase of filter area for a similar installment.

Metal mesh filters are available in two distinct types, rimmed and unrimmed.

Single and multi-layer filter elements are combined by means of edge zone compaction. This is possible without additional joining processes, increases the stability of the fabric and prevents cross-flows.

wire mesh filter disc

Contours--Technically, almost anything is possible

The contours of our filter discs correspond to your wishes and requirements:

Round, rectangular, square, kidney-shaped, trapezoidal or oval.

Do you need a special shape? Please contact us directly or leave a message to us now.

Disc filters perform more efficiently than screen filters when it comes to algae, moss and other organic materials. Because of their design, disc filters are better equipped to filter out fine particles such as bacteria, sand, chemical sludge, and slime.

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