Laminated filter works

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Laminated filters are widely used in industrial and commercial areas, such as food, textile, metallurgy, plastics, pharmaceuticals, building materials, paper, industrial and commercial building HVAC systems. After filtration grade level by water systems or equipment requirements of water quality, water quality requirements determined occasions.

working principle

Laminated filter cartridge, lamination process for the impurity carrier, which consists of a set of double-sided plastic disks with different directions superimposed grooves constitute groove edge adjacent surface edges will form many cross point, these intersections constitute a large number of cavities and irregular path, these paths from outside to inside shrinking. Filtration, these pathways leading to water turbulence, leading to impurities in the water is intercepted at various intersections. As the disc is superimposed over the filter is mounted on the skeleton, in the spring and the pressure of the water to form a filter unit within a tight loose outside. Each filter unit is spring and pressure pressed laminate will form a mesh of countless foreign particles can not be adopted, laminations width of 12 - 14 mm, made of high quality plastic laminate, high abrasion resistance . Combined with stainless steel spring support, solid structure. Since recoil flow along the inner wall of the tangential direction of the laminations outward rinse the inner surface of the laminate adhesion of various contaminants in the backwash water laminations role mainly as rotation, to ensure that all contaminants are effectively cleaned and discharged. You can use the time interval and the differential pressure control all the steps of backwash. Once the setting is completed, you can long-term use. Automatic backwash filter without interrupting the work to complete the automatic backwash process in seconds. With this principle filtration filter in the filter and backwash laminations dynamically variable gap, to improve the filtration performance water filtration is very favorable, but also greatly reduce the backwash water consumption, water consumption is typically from about 0.25%. Determine the filtering accuracy of the filter unit and the number of different shades on the disc trench.

Works filter stage

Inlet water flow through the filter into the filter, through the filter lamination filter lamination under the action of the spring force and hydraulic pressed together tightly, impurity particles are trapped in the laminate intersection, filtered water from the filter main outflow channel, when the one-way diaphragm valve is turned on

Backwash stage principle

When it reaches a certain pressure, or the top of the agency within the system automatically enters the backwash state, the controller controls the valve to change the direction of flow, check the bottom of the filter membrane off the main channel, backwash into the four groups of the nozzle channel and the nozzle channel connection of the piston chamber pressure rises, the upward movement of the piston against the pressure of spring laminations, and the release of the piston space at the top of the stack of sheets, and backwash water from the nozzle passage above four groups of 35 * 4 nozzles along laminations tangential direction of high-speed jet, so that rotation of the laminations and finely divided, spray washing spray laminate surface, the impurities trapped in the laminate spray thrown. When the end of the backwash, the flow direction changed again, the laminate is pressed again, the system re-enter the filter condition.

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