Important Role of the stainless steel filter in the filter

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Introduction : Stainless Steel filter is an essential part, it is mainly for removing impurities, ubo company is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel filter elements, in terms of production, with professional skills and rich experience.Stainless steel filter manufacturers。

Stainless steel filter manufacturers
Stainless steel filter using high strength wedge wire, by differential pressure control, time control of self - cleaning filter. When caused by impurities accumulate on the surface of the filter in the filter pressure increases to import and export settings, or when the timer reaches a preset time, the electric signal from the control box, driven by backwashing institutions.When backwashing when the suction port and imports of stainless steel filter is on, stainless steel sintered mesh filter drain valve Open, the system pressure drainage, suction cup with a relative pressure inside of the filter appears below the filter lateral pressure of negative pressure area, forcing some of the net from a stainless steel filter lateral inflow of circulating water inside of the filter, adsorption on inner wall of stainless steel filter.

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