How do you choose which filter nozzles

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How do you choose which filter nozzles? 

As the a lead manufacturer in the nozzle-based filter systems and products, we have over a million nozzle design combinations in order to provide the correct solution for your application. 

How to select the correct nozzle product for your application?


Material Selection: 

Polypropylene is appropriate for most water treatment applications. However, for example, if water temperatures exceed 140°F (or 60°C) or if specific chemical resistance is necessary, other materials of construction will be selected. 

We manufacturer nozzle products of wedge wire,stainless steel 304 304L 316 316L .

Wedge wire screen water filter nozzle can used more industries.

Nozzles Screen Slot Widths

We have numerous screen slot widths that vary from 0.1 mm  for very small ion exchange resin up to 5.0 mm for underdrains with a deep gravel packing layer. 

We will select the correct nozzle construction combination to optimize performance for your specific application.  Proper nozzle characteristics ensure media retention, negate fouling, and produce excellent distribution, which all will deliver optimal filter performance.

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