Design wedge wire filters for fish pond

Our factory received an order about design production filter equipment for fish pond, and the customer requested the design and customization of filtration equipment for fish ponds.

The filters can not only purify the water, but also filter some impurities, such as feces, fish food, sand and other particulate matter, but also protect the fish from harm, prevent the fish and shrimp from running out, and also prevent other outside organisms entering fish pond.

We provide customers with wedge wire screen filter products. The unique v-shaped design of wedge wire can not only effectively realize the filtering and screening function, but also be durable and will not pollute the water quality.

Below are some of the filtration products we design and produce for our customers, specifically for fish farming.

wedge wire resin trap screen filterwater filter nozzle for fish pondStatic screen filter for fish pond


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