Air filter applications

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In the course of the engine will be sucked into a lot of air,If the air without filtration and dust suspended in the air will be sucked into the cylinder, however it will accelerate the piston and cylinder wear group. Larger particles enter between the piston and the cylinder will cause serious pulling cylinder phenomenon and in this dry sandy working environment will be more severe. Air filter mounted in front of the carburetor and the intake pipe, serve to filter out dust in the air, and the role of the sand into the cylinder to ensure a sufficient amount of clean air.

Air filter applications :

1, In the machine tool industry, so far, 85% transmission using a hydraulic drive and control such as grinders, milling machines, planer, broaching machine, presses, shears, and a combination of machine tools.

2,In the metallurgical industry, electric control system, control system rolling mill, open-hearth charging, converter control, blast furnace control, strip deviation and constant tension device, adopted hydraulic technology.

3, In construction machinery, the widespread adoption of hydraulic transmission, such as excavators, loaders tire, truck cranes, crawler dozers, wheel crane, self-propelled scrapers, graders and vibratory roller and so on.

4, In the agricultural machinery, the use of hydraulic technology is very broad, such as combine harvesters, tractors and plows.

5,In the agricultural machinery, the use of hydraulic technology is very broad, such as joint income 5, in the automotive industry, hydraulic off-road vehicles, hydraulic dump truck, hydraulic aerial vehicles and fire engines all adopts hydraulic technology. Cutting machines, such as tractors and plows.

6,In the textile industry, the use of hydraulic technology plastic injection molding machine, rubber vulcanizing machine, paper machine, printing and textile machines.

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